Five Essential Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

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Social media is the perfect way for small business owners to connect with their target market. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer direct access to interested customers.

Not only do social media accounts help humanize companies, showing the real people behind the brand names, logos and corporate speak, but they also offer a chance to tell the company’s site of the story, unfiltered and easily accessible.Here are five essential social media tips for entrepreneurs.

  1. Focus on Objectives

It is easy to get caught up in the allure of social media. Every few months, a few site pops up. Entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed to jump onto the next social media train.

But it is more important to come up with two or three marketing objectives, then use social media to further those objectives.

Every Instagram picture, Twitter post, Facebook comment and reply on Reddit should be geared toward fulfilling those marketing objectives. Otherwise it is just a waste of time!

  1. Engage with the Audience

On platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, interaction is key. The more times a tweet is liked or retweeted, the more exposure it gets. The more comments on a Facebook post, the more it is promoted by the site’s algorithm.

Posting generic details about the business has its value. But engaging with the user base is much more effective. For instance, a small business that sells fitness equipment could ask followers about their workout routine. It would get a lot of responses, thus driving the engagement the business is seeking.



  1. Stand Out

This step is often the hardest for entrepreneurs, but it is one of the most important.

Social media is a crowded field, even for small business owners. Everyone is using the internet to leverage their interests. How can an entrepreneur stand out? There are many ways.

One could become an authority on a subject, leading discussion and answering questions from followers. Or it could be done by posting funny and amusing content, either through text, memes or videos.

  1. Pick a Platform and Dominate It

Spreading too thin is a major issue for small businesses on social media. It is impossible to have an effective presence everyone. One or two sites have to dominate for this plan to be successful.

Find the social media site where the target market spends more of their time. Then dominate on that platform. If the business has a million followers on Instagram and only 100,000 on Twitter, there is nothing wrong with that!

  1. Automate Some, But Not All Posts

Automation is a great way to create a more efficient social media presence, especially for small businesses. But not every post should be automated. Businesses must decide what types of posts merit automation – and what posts should feel spontaneous.

Social media can feel overwhelming for entrepreneurs. There are already so many aspects of the business to handle. Now a business owner must deal with a Twitter or Instagram account.

Careful and curated usage of social media can help small businesses achieve their goals. Following the above five tips will ensure that social media is a huge asset for any small business.

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