Four Effective Ways to Market a New Ecommerce Site

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Ecommerce is a rapidly growing platform gaining a larger share of the total money being spent by consumers seemingly every day. But the growth also means that many new players are entering the market.

Consumers have more choices than ever. It is why so many people go on a site, add items to their cart but then move on. In fact, the cart abandonment rate is around 69%! How can a business change that? How can it get more people to visit its ecommerce site in the first place?

Here are four effective ways to market a new ecommerce site.

  1. Leverage Social Media

Social media offers businesses a wonderful way to directly reach the target market, instead of needing to go through middle men. And it is also the ideal way to craft a type of aesthetic or brand image for the company.

Research social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube. Identify the sites where the business’ target market is more likely to be active. Then focus on those sites.

The best social media accounts are the ones that have a balance between plugging products and providing general information about the industry.

  1. Engage in Partnerships

Individuals and businesses who are creating content/products/services for a similar demographic or target market should work together. For instance, a small ecommerce site could partner with Instagram influencers, YouTube content creators and bloggers.

These influencers and tastemakers could help promote the site, while they could receive discounts and/or free products in return. And when influencers are impressed by the quality of an ecommerce site, they will happily enter into a long-term sponsorship arrangement.

  1. Strategically Target Podcast Listeners

Many companies are unaware of how much they can achieve by targeting podcast listeners. Running ads before and during a podcast is not too expensive, while it goes right to the target audience with surgical precision.

Reach out to podcasts that would be a fit with the ecommerce site. Explain the site, the products or services on offer, and why an ad would help both parties. Then craft a short message or story the podcast can use to promote the ecommerce site.

  1. Develop a Proper SEO Strategy

Smaller ecommerce sites are at a disadvantage compared to the big sellers, such as Amazon and eBay. But with clever SEO implementation, such as adding relevant keywords, phrases and descriptions to the website and product pages, smaller sites can boost traffic.

There are tools that a site owner can use, such as Ahrefs and Google, to discover the optimal keywords for a specific product or range of products. Adding blog posts and other relevant content to the website can also help with site rankings.

It is scary to pour time and money into an ecommerce venture, only to see it struggling. Many ecommerce site owners give up after a few months of limited revenue.

But there is no sense in giving up on a venture so quickly. What many ecommerce sites need is better and more strategic exposure.

The above five marketing tips will help an ecommerce site generate more interest and sales.

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