Low Budget Online Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Small business owners often face serious financial dilemmas. There is a desire to increase exposure and attract more customers, but expanding the scope of a marketing strategy costs a lot of money.

Or at least, it usually costs a lot of money.

There are ways to stretch a marketing budget to ensure that it is delivering a better return on investment. Here are a few low budget online marketing ideas for small businesses.

  1. Multi-Purpose Content

Content is the foundation for most online marketing activities. The issue for many small businesses is that creating content is expensive and time consuming. One way to get around the issue is to use created content in more than one way.

For instance, write up a blog post, share it through social media channels and link back to the post. Now the business is getting more traffic on its blog and social media channels.

Infographics are another great option for content that is recyclable. Infographics could be displayed on various pages on the company site, showcasing the value of products and services. They could also be posted routinely on social media.

  1. Online Review Sites

Most products and services that are sold online will result in positive or negative feedback. Some of the feedback is through user reviews. But many online review sites exist, where “experts” try products and services so they can inform others about their merits.

By searching for online reviews about products and services, a business can leverage the positive reviews on their site and social media channels. These testimonials can highlight the quality of what a business is offering.

  1. Short Videos

Videos are an incredible way to get the message across, especially online. Short form videos on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter see a lot of engagement. They are quick, easy to digest and entertaining. They can even be used as ads on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

Most importantly they do not cost a lot of money to produce. A basic video camera, short script and willing employees are all that is needed to create a fun and engaging short video.

  1. Optimize for Local Search Results

If a small business has a local presence, then it is important to ensure that its online marketing tactics are reaching that audience. Create a Google+ page, make sure to use NAP (name, address and phone number) citations, and utilize link profile optimization. These are just a few strategies that will help with local search engine results.

Running a small business means being very conscious about how money is being spent. Even though online marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing, it still comes with a cost. While this post goes over how to stretch your dollar and get the most bang for your buck when marketing, it’s still worth noting that you need some starting capital to start your business. Entrepreneurs in need of capital should be savvy and compare rates online to find the lowest interest rate with a service like Sambla.fi.

The above tips are just the start of what could be done to stretch that budget. It is all about choosing the most effective strategies to ensure a greater return on investment.

With strategic moves, a business can ensure that it is reaching a wider audience, strategically targeting its main demographic and boosting brand awareness – while maintaining a modest marketing budget.

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