My Journey of Being a Freelance Musician

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When I wanted to become a Freelance musician, I found myself using my own Freelance skills as a writer to market myself and my new music skills. It wasn’t ever easy, but I found that listing my passions and having the support to brag informatively really helped me out.

It’s important to know the line between bragging about your skills and bragging about yourself. One is good marketing and the other is arrogance, so practice or show your resume to certain people you trust and see what they think before you show it to online companies.

Getting started with digital marketing

First, for music or any job, you need to sell value… you need to show the world what you can do for them. When I got into making covers, I wanted to make people smile, stand up, and dance around. I wanted to share my love of being a musician and music.

So I put that down on my resume. It needed to have an impact, to make sure that it could solve a dozen problems if interpreted correctly.

Everything I said and did had to nudge the client into wanting that little bit more from me, whether that was a follow-up meeting, a trial run, or a request to look at my portfolio. Saying what my covers and my music could do for others helped me get more jobs than a million good resume views.

Marketing myself online

Social media, specifically YouTube and SoundCloud, showed off the inner side of myself. I was a creator and by people seeing my music, it helped them know me better.

In order to build a following you have to be kind, if you comment on other’s blogs or videos, chances are they will do the same to you, if you respond to comments or even start up conversations on your videos or a forum, then people will want to stick around.

Keeping every marketing account up to date and relevant to the music scene showed my fans that I cared about the account and their time. Consistency is a friend in marketing and if you have a polished place to interact, then people will stay a while.

Email lists

Finally, if there is one thing that I used and that I want everyone to have to sell their brand and market themselves, it’s this: An email list.

Email lists are ways that you know you can get to your fans. While social media posts and videos can often get lost in the shuffle of other things, email newsletters can provide free advertising and let your fans know what opportunities exist for them based on what you are doing.


By using these marketing tools and strategies, I’ve built a career as a freelance writer and musician, and I’m not showing any signs of stopping. Marketing online through email lists, social media, and putting myself out there in terms of my talents has helped me tremendously.

And it can help you.

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